Sacred Touch Therapeutic Massage
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Benefits of Massage

Massage Therapy helps balance the effects of stress in our lives and helps us avoid stress related disease and dysfunction. It can stimulate or sedate the nervous system and enhance cardiovascular functions. It promotes improved digestive function and assimilation of nutrients. It also balances organ and glandular systems, lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins, and restores body warmth. 

 Neuromuscular massage is frequently used to enhance the beneficial effects of other types of health care such as physical therapy, chiropractic, and psychotherapy. Thai massage is appropriate as a preliminary stretch and warm-up before exercise. It has the ability to improve range of motion, relieve muscle tension and increase, maintain or improve muscle flexibility. It stimulates increased blood flow, releases trigger points, and resets the muscle length. It helps prevent soreness, to break the cycle of spasm and is often used in pain control. It can help the body heal itself more readily after muscle injury and has the ability to break down adhesions .This can be utilized as both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool. 

The psychosomatic nature of  Prenatal massage is beneficial through all stages of pregnancy. It balances both the body and the emotions, relieves pain and pressure, encourages rest, and helps ensure rapid postnatal recovery. The benefits of massage during pregnancy are improved joint flexibility, relief from cramping and soreness, alleviation of headaches, increased body awareness, reduction of stretch marks, maintained blood pressure and postural reintegration. Prenatal massage can result in a more positive birth experience, reducing stress, fear and anxiety, and increasing emotional well being. Sensitive emotional support and proper physical care are important. The reassuring touch of massage lends to relaxation, healing, and preparation for the mother's new role.

'Sacred Touch' has a special focus on clients who suffer from the effects and long term impact of chronic and catastrophic illnesses. Massage can aid in certain acute or chronic situations which cause unique physical and mental challenges. Benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, deep relaxation, revitalized energy, stimulated creativity and productivity, and promoted flow of life energy.The benefits may also include: stimulation of lymphatic flow, reduced edema, elimination of metabolic toxins and fluids, reduction of cardiovascular stress, stimulation of organ and glandular functions. It boosts the immune system, offers relief from post-operative pain, reduction of scar tissue and it promotes healing, improved range of motion,  stimulation of blood circulation, normalization of blood pressure, increased red blood cell production, and restored flexibility to vascular walls. This may be the appropriate way to to bring the warmth and trusting touch of human hands to someone in need.

 Geriatric massage, for the elderly, is effective in combating the negative effects of aging noticed in the middle to late years of life. It helps to keep body tissues and basic functions in a more youthful state and can relieve certain common physical problems. As an important component of health maintenance and wellness, it helps keep the body and mind functioning optimally.This population is typically somewhat touch deprived and thrives on this personal hands-on connection. 

Therapeutic massage can also be beneficial for the disabled, especially those in wheelchairs and others with challenging orthopedic conditions. Reflexology can be effective in almost any situation and is a comfortable alternative for the person with physical restrictions (which cause difficulty in transferring on to a massage table) or the PTSD patient whom is sensitive to being touched or exposed.

Chair massage is a brief (10 - 15 minute ) technique performed on an employee on-site in a comfortable, portable chair in a reasonably quiet setting. This chair is provided by the massage therapist and can be set up quickly. The process uses no oil and is applied over clothing, with a focus on the  upper body. The benefits of chair massage are twofold to the employer as well as the  employee. It helps to relieve stress and reduce muscle pain. It also stimulates  energy flow and increase alertness. Your employee will return to work feeling  relaxed and rejuvenated. This should create an improved outlook and demeanor and benefit overall performance. Chair massage is a very healthy way to express your appreciation. It can be  a great incentive to boost attendance, reduce work related accidents and  recognize achievements. A program can be implemented to fit your needs without interrupting the  work flow. It may be effective in lowering stress - related health costs.